The Great Fireplace Redecorating Project

Before and After


Whoa, can you say major improvement? And it was so easy, I swear.

Read on to learn how, and why, I completely transformed my family fireplace with an easy DIY project.

After redecorating most of my family room, the fireplace really started to bug me.  It no longer fit the room and well, I just didn’t like it anymore.  I did however love what I did with the rest of the romm.  I had replaced my dark brown leather couches with slipcovered ones in a neutral grey-green, which I love.  I updated a lot of the decor around the room to a brighter pallate.  And most notable, I repainted the room {and kitchen adjoining it} from a dark, rusty orange, to a bright, pale turquoise blue.  So, needless to say, my dark brick fireplace was looking rather outdated.

Fireplace Before


The kleenex was a nice touch though, right? Lol, blame that one on the dog who likes to eat kleenex. Obviously, it was in need of a major overhaul.

I started with just painting the mantle.  Something I have wanted to do for years. Pretty much since we moved in 8 years ago.  I figured this was a good, safe place to start experimenting.  I must admit as much as I hated the fireplace, I was a little nervous to just go for it and paint the bricks.  You can’t undo that.  So I took baby steps.  First the mantle, let’s see how that looks.

It was okay.  I liked it, but that was all I liked.  The mantle now stood out way too much, and made me hate the brick even more.  It was at that point I decided for sure something had to be done to the brick.

White Mantle


I hadn’t originally planned on whitewashing.  I was going to full on paint the bricks off white.  But upon searching for painted brick photos for inspiration I came across a few pics of whitewashed bricks.  A new search ensued and I was in love with this idea.  One short youtube video later and I was feeling confident about my ability to pull it off.

And honestly, this was one of the easiest DIY jobs I’ve ever done.

I used the same white as the mantle, Home Depot’s Behr brand in White.  Yes, they have a color simply named white.  For the brick I used an eggshell finish {mantle finish is semi gloss}.  I bought a gallon, but should have just gotten a quart, this project took very little paint to complete, even with two passes.

Using a small bucket from Home Depot with lines of measurement on it, I mixed together one part paint to two parts water.

I used a 2 inch stubby paint brush {my favorite paint brush ever} to brush on the paint in small sections, and then wiped off the excess with a rag. I used paint rags I bought at Home Depot, changing them out when they became soaked in paint.  The brick soaks up the paint very fast, so there is no worry about taking off all the paint.  After one ‘coat’ I decided it was not quite white enough and went over the entire fireplace once again.

I liked the result, but it wasn’t perfect.  After living with it a couple days, I realized what was bugging me, the texture of the bricks had been lost, it was just a tad too blah, and lacking the warmth it once had.

So I dove back in and went to work by lightly sanding all the bricks.  I used a medium grit sanding block.  This gave me back the brick texture I was missing.  It removed the paint around some of the edges, and made it so each brick had a unique finish to it.

I also updated the mantle decor.  A framed greenery wreath {which I made of course} took the place of the big clock, a small clock replaced the vase and three new sleek and shiny candle holders replaced the two old ones.  The kleenex and toys are NOT coming back ;)

Now I am 100% happy with my fireplace. I love, love, LOVE it.  It looks amazing and has completely transformed my family room.  I daresay it looks like something you would see on HGTV and I’m quite proud of that fact.

Fireplace After


What do you think of the result?  Don’t you just love it?!

Is there home project have you’d like to share or one can’t wait to do?  I’d love to hear about it.  Next up for me is completing my bench to desk overhaul, stayed tuned for details on that one.


Happy Decorating,



© 2015, Terri. All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “The Great Fireplace Redecorating Project”

  • 1
    Sarah J on March 31, 2015 Reply

    Popping over from Treasure Box Tuesday Tuesday =) I love the lighter brick face, but I super love the clock from the before pic. Great redo, very fresh! Be sure to share your recipes, crafts, upcycles & DIYs at Two Uses Tuesday (Mon 8pm EST to Fri 11pm EST) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!
    Sarah J recently posted…Two Uses Tuesday Link Up 22My Profile

    • 2
      admin on March 31, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Sarah! I still love that big clock too, it will soon be moving to it’s new home above my front door :) And I’ll be sure to check out your link up party!

  • 3
    Kathy Steele on October 26, 2016 Reply

    Love this fireplace redo. I want to do this! Did you paint the mortar as well? I want to paint my mantel also. Can you please share how you did it? Thank you so much! Kathy

    • 4
      Terri on November 14, 2016 Reply

      Thanks! Yes, I did paint the mortar. And for the mantle, mine was stained previously, so I simply sanded it down to remove the varnish and painted with a semigloss white. Good luck!

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