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04. February 2015 Crafts 0

What is White Door Studios?  It’s my brand new Etsy shop!  One that features all my home decor designs. It’s just getting off the ground, but I am so excited about it.  I am loving this new creative outlet and have been getting tons of positive feedback from family and friends about my designs.  So how did this all come about?

After spending a little over 2 years running my first Etsy shop quite successfully, I decided to start all over again, and open a second shop.  It wasn’t an easy decision, and it’s no picnic waiting again for those first sales, but it just felt right.

My main focus in my first shop, Sweet Silly Chic, had become jewelry and accessories.  I started playing around with creating wreaths about a year ago, and loved it.   But when my shop was becoming undefined, and looking a bit messy with wreaths, neckalces, earrings, scarves, and hair clips all mixed together, I started thinking my home decor needed it’s own voice, it’s own place.  This left me with a cleaner looking original shop with a clear focus, and a new place to explore my creativity in making home decor.  So, White Door Studios was born.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite designs so far:

{All these items can be found by clicking the photos,or the shop home decor button on the home page.}














I do have mostly wreaths stocked right now.  They were the inspiration for my new shop, and what I was focusing on in the beginning. I’ll always be adding more wreaths, I love making them, but right now I am now shifting my designs to more home decor items such as hand painted mugs and wine glasses, pillow covers and more unique wall art like the photo above.

New items will be added every week, so hop on over to Etsy and favorite my shop, or like my Facebook page to be the first to know about my latest designs.

Here’s to a bright future and tons of fun at White Door Studios!



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