Grout Cleaning Made Easy

27. January 2016 Cleaning Tips 0

After 8 1/2 years, the grout around my master bathroom tiles was looking downright dreadful.  The make-up, hairspray and foot grime had really done a number on the once pristine, sand colored grout. It was so bad, that I was seriously thinking of replacing the tile. It looked so ugly, I was hating it. But not wanting to spend the money, and wondering what a difference clean grout would make, I decided to try the cleaning route first. Here’s the floor before cleaning:




Not being sure what to use, because I’ve never scrubbed grout before, I started by trying one of my favorite cleaners, Scour Off. It’s an all natural, completely chemical free scrubbing paste that has amazing cleaning power. And the best thing about this stuff? It smealls like cherry candy. Really. Even knowing how awesome this stuff is, I never expected it to work so quickly and easily on my grout.




Using only Scour Off, water, and a toothbrush shaped scrub brush – which I think is actually called a grout scrubber {they look a lot better new :)} – I did a trial run in one of the worst spots. After only minimal scrubbing, all the grime just disappeared. I was amazed. After scrubbing I simply wiped up the residue with a wet washcloth, and it was good to go. It worked so well that I just couldn’t stop after my test area. And 2 1/2 hours later, I had a brand new floor. That was way less time than I expected to spend on this project; we have A LOT of tile in our bathroom! Don’t you just love when a chore like this goes so easy and fast?!

I still can’t believe the transformation. And I actually love my tile again! Who knew? Check out the results { I promise this photo is completely unedited, Scour Off just works that well } :




Want to try Scour Off for yourself? You can find it here, along with all my other go to cleaning and heath products.

Happy Cleaning,


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