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Alright, so here’s the story: I had just bought a pair of cute brown boots at DSW.  When I got them home, I did what I have done forever to hundreds of pairs of boots and shoes – I sprayed them with a shoe water-proofer.

I had never had any problems doing this until now.

I put my boots in the garage to dry, and when I took them out, this is what I saw:


boots before1


I was horrified.  I thought they were ruined for sure.   I debated trying to return them, but since I chose to spray stuff on them, I figured that was a no go.  So I hoped that it was just residue and tried to wipe it off with a wet rag.

The discoloration went away when it was wet.  Which was good news, at least the color hadn’t been bleached by the spray.  But, when they dried, the stain was back.

Next, thinking it just needed be scrubbed a little, I grabbed my mr. clean magic eraser and started scrubbing.  Again, it looked like it was working but the stain once again returned when the boots were dry.

Exasperated and scared of losing these cute boots, not to mention the money I just spent on them, I grabbed a rag and my bottle of Basic H2.  Then I scrubbed and prayed.

Now, I use this stuff to clean just about everything in my house, but had never tried cleaning some weird residue off of boots with it.  Guess what?  It worked!  A little elbow grease and this magical bottle of organic cleaning concentrate saved my new boots!

Here is the result:




I am so happy to be able to wear my new boots, I love them!  And I’m VERY happy I didn’t have to end up spending double the money on the boots by buying them twice :)

Even though I have used and loved Basic H2 for years, I was actually a bit surprised it worked so well.  It cleaned every bit of that weird residue off the boots and didn’t do a lick of damage to the material.  And I didn’t even rinse it off!

Despite this near disaster, I will still continue to spray all my new shoes, it really makes them look newer for much longer.  {I may switch waterproofer brands though :) }

At least I’ll know how to save them if this happens again. 

And maybe this post will save many more boots out there :)



Here’s to an awesome boot season, 


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