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01. September 2015 Random Thoughts 0

When I first decided to start a blog, my only goal was to grow my businesses.  Taking the advice of my neighbor and fellow blogger, I did just that, writing about things I felt would be relevant to the audience I needed.  I figured I’d write it and they would come.

It turns out getting that audience is no easy task.

Looking back at my posts to date, I felt like there was something missing, but I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

I was happy with the way they were written, the content was relevant, but it was overall a little, well, dull.  Ugh…

What was I doing wrong?

Facing a moment when I was becoming bored with the process, I took a break.  Several orders from my Etsy shop {yay!!} renewed my drive to keep this blog going, but I still felt like I needed a fresh start.

After a couple weeks, I finally took the advice of so many other bloggers, and started actually reading more blogs.  I’ll have to admit it, I was not a blog reader before I became a blog writer.  I occasionaly snuck a peek at a couple friend’s blogs, but otherwise I just didn’t get it.

Then, while looking for some link up parties in an effort to get my blog more exposure, I stumbled upon some blogs I fell in love with.  And they all had something about them that mine was lacking – personality.

Or, more accurately, me.

I was missing from my own blog.

Sure, I injected my humor in posts and wrote a few with a more personal note, but none of those things would help my readers really get to know me.   It was mostly just a little glimpse into things I made or how I decorate.  It wasn’t really about me, about what really made me tick.

Which is truly the point of a blog, right?  To share your life experiences with whoever is there to read it.  Not just the projects and recipes, but the random thoughts, too.  That’s the kind of blog I like to read.

And I should really have a blog I  myself would want to read.

I was avoiding writing the kind of posts I really wanted  to write.  Out of fear of being judged, I guess.  But I have opinions, dang it, and sometimes I like to share them.  Those are the posts that are more fun to write.  The ones where I can just talk.  About anything.  Things I love, or things I hate.   I want to be that person I love to hang out with, the one who will say anything and who you can say anything to.  And they won’t judge you.  No matter how, weird, nerdy, snobby, or unpopular your opinion may be. 

So, now it’s time for a change.

It’s time to make myself extrememly uncomfortable for a while, and start exposing all those things about me I’m afraid will make someone think I’m weird.

But hey, who am I kidding, deep down I am a little weird.  Isn’t everyone?

That’s the side of people I love to see, the part that’s perfectly imperfect.  Who wants to hang out with someone that just says everything is perfect all the time?  That’s no fun.

So, from here on out I vow to include every part of me in this blog.  To embrace my quirks and flaws.  To not be afraid to share the me who:

-is completely obsessed with houses, completely.

-will never be done decorating my home, unless done means now it’s time to redecorate.

-hate to, and try to never have to, leave the house without my makeup on and my hair done.

-is paranoid about severe storms, and the stomach flu.

-wishes I could move to London.

-is the kind of parent who LOVES the first day of school.

-could bake all day and then cringe when it comes time to cook dinner.

-feels a day is not complete unless I can make at least one crafty thing.

-doesn’t like to read another book after reading one I really loved, because I’m afraid of being disappointed.

-hates that my husband pretty much likes every movie he sees.

-treats my dog like my third baby. 

-will slow down and drive exactly the speed limit the second someone starts tailgating me, just to annoy them.

-might be just a tad bit obsessed with Harry Potter.

-truly believes that I will always, always, get what I want, and will do anything I can to make that happen.

-is a snob who will never shop at certain stores.

-doesn’t like to admit it to my husband, but I actually enjoy watching football and hockey.

-loves to gossip, about anyone and everyone.

-finds it funny anytime anyone falls down, even my kids.

-spent the last year or so secretly, but carefully, examining all my friends heads to make sure I wasn’t the only one with a few greys popping up (I’m not).

-loves my alone time 

-has a love/hate relationship with social media.


Ok, that’s all for now.  I can only step out of my comfort zone so much, although that was pretty, pretty far. 

I mean, I like those things about me, but what about everyone else?  Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about them.    

I think this will be a good step for me.  I’m always drawn to people who are unafraid to show their quirks and flaws.  It makes them real, approachable, and much more likeable.  And that’s what I want to be.  Here and in life.  I guess my mom was right about my 30’s being better than my 20’s.   I never could have done this ten years ago.  That is the one thing I actually like about getting older – I’m becoming more comfortable with myself.

Step one is to put myself out there.

And try (so hard!) to not worry about those who don’t like it.


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