How To Decorate with Wreaths {Hint – they’re not just for your front door!}

18. September 2015 Decorating 0

If you’ve ever walked around any neighborhood, then you know that wreaths are an incredibly popular front door decoration, but have you ever thought about bringing wreaths into your interior design?

There are many styling options when it comes to displaying a wreath indoors.  All of which are a perfect way to bring a natural touch to any room of your home.

Two of my favorite ways to decorate with wreaths inside my home are using them as a centerpiece, and displaying them in an open frame.

A wreath in an open frame is one style I have featured on my newly redesigned fireplace {click to read how I transformed my outdated fireplace}.  I placed this ivy wreath in a very rustic frame that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I used a teal burlap ribbon to hang it from the top of the frame, and displayed it by simply resting on my mantle.  You could also hang the frame on your bricks/stone or wall above your fireplace.  {For reference, my frame is 24 x 36 inches, and my wreath is about 22 inches in diameter}


A framed wreath isn’t limited to fireplaces however, it would also make a wonderful addition to any large open wall space.  It brings a green touch into any room, {without a fake tree!} and can take on any style you’d like. Have fun by mixing a rustic frame with a traditional wreath, or put a simple greenery wreath inside an ornate wreath for a strong statement.

Wreaths also make a striking centerpiece, either on their own, or styled with candles or other decor pieces in the middle.  An ideal centerpiece would be one with a consistant all over design, meaning it’s the same all around.  A flatter wreath works best.  This unique greenery wreath is a perfect example.  It looks amazing with either candles in the center, or the more seasonal white pumpkin.





There’s no need to go all fancy like these examples, a wreath also looks gorgeous simply hung on a wall. How easy is that? Add one to your bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, kitchen,etc. Just about any room is a perfect room for a wreath.

And be sure to start your wreath decorating adventure with a trip to White Door Studios, where you can browse my complete line of handmade wreaths.  Be sure to share your wreath decor ideas!


Happy Decorating,


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