The Best Fruit Fly Trap. Ever.

26. July 2015 Uncategorized 0

It seems that in late summer every year, the annual fruit fly invasion time begins.  And once you have one, you have a million.

I don’t know why or how they get in, although I  do strongly suspect the fruit.

Any who, it’s so annoying when those little buggers start swarming my kitchen.   So I decided to try to get rid of them.

Now this all started a few summers ago, so my trap, the best one ever, is tried and true.   My first attempt to rid my home of these pests started with a google search, naturally.  There I found several recommendations to use an old yogurt container.

You just leave a little yogurt behind, put some plastic wrap over the container, poke holes in the top and wait for it to work.

So, I made a couple of the yogurt traps, and waited.

It kinda worked, but not too well.  There were still a lot of fruit flies around after a few days.  I figured it just took a while.

And then one night, as I was sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of red wine as I often do, I noticed something.   As I went to take a sip, I saw several fruit flies floating in my glass {yuck} and several more hovering around it.


I decided to try a new trap.  Same idea, but this time with red wine instead of yogurt.  And it worked, beautifully.

And that is how I figured out how to make the best fruit fly trap ever.  Within a couple days, your kitchen will be fruit fly free with this trap.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A small cup, preferably plastic

Plastic wrap

Rubber band


Red Wine

Start by pouring a bit, one or two ounces of red wine into the plastic cup.  I strongly recommend a plastic cup over glass especially if you have kids, I learned this the hard way.  Next, cover the cup with the plastic wrap and secure with the rubber band.  Use the pen or pencil to poke a few {5-7} tiny holes in the top of the plastic wrap.




In just a day or two, you will see several fruit flies floating in the cup.  Leave it out for 3-5 days and all the fruit flies in your house should be gone.  If they come back just make another one.

And there you have it.  The best fruit fly trap. Ever.


You’re Welcome,


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