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20. July 2015 Decorating 0

If creating crafts is my job, then playing interior designer is my hobby.  One I practice mainly in my own home, driving my husband crazy with the constant changes and updates.  And thankfully my friends and family like to hit me up for decorating advice too, giving me more chances to indulge in one of my favorite activities.

My latest updating project at home has been my kitchen and family room.  It started with some bright turquoise blue paint, then moved on to my fireplace redo, will soon be new kitchen countertops and backsplash, but for now it’s the little things.  Because sometimes that’s all you need.

It’s amazing what a difference you can make in a room, just by adding a few pillows.  Case in point, my family room couch.  This is the couch before.  Complete with the plain old pillows it came with.  It is comfy and cozy and I love it, but it was looking a bit boring.



And after a successful trip to HomeGoods {love that place} it looks like this-



Isn’t is beautiful?  I love how all the pillows work so perfectly together, proving that you don’t need to be all matchy when it comes to decorating. A mix of patterns in similar tones and colors, with just the right amount of pattern pack a huge style punch.  The pillows I choose pick up my accent colors of grey and teal, and the one in the middle showcases my favorite place in the whole world, London, in the perfect colors for my room.

Not sure what works together?  Don’t be afraid to take a page out of my book and set them up on the floor of the store, take a step back and see how you feel.  If you love it, it’s right.  If you’re not sure, you will not be happy with it in the end.  That has been my experience with decorating.  Any time I’m unsure if I like something, from paint color to a simple accessory, I end up wanting to change it in the end.  If I love it from the start, it stays.  And these pillows, I LOVE.

Time to start shopping for counters.  Well, maybe some new blinds first, since you may have noticed that pesky one in the middle that just won’t close anymore. :)


Happy Decorating,


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