The Magic is Back!

29. June 2015 Crafts 0

After some bumps in the road regarding my original Etsy shop, Sweet Silly Chic, I am happy to say that I am fianlly bringing back and designing new items with what was one of my biggest inspirations.

Now when I say bumps, I mean one huge bump.  Namely, a stern letter warning me about copyright infringment.  Yes, I know I was ultimately wrong, but I refuse to believe I was ever really hurting anyone.

I’ll keep the history short and just tell you that Sweet Silly Chic had a bunch of Harry Potter themed items. Why?  Because I am a huge fan, and it was SO fun!  But yes, it got me in a bit of trouble.

Initially, I was devastated.  I lost a good chunk of my business, and simply felt defeated.  But after some time, I was ready for a new beginning.  I started by changing the name of my shop.  I never really loved the name Sweet Silly Chic, it had no personal meaning for me, it was simply the name of my last blog.  Now my Etsy shop has a new name – Teresa Anne Designs.  It’s personal, {it’s my name :)}  and it feels right.

After starting over with brand new jewelry designs, and not feeling fulfilled, I decided to dive back in and bring some ‘magic’ back to my designs.  Will my new designs appeal to Harry Potter fans? Yep, but that’s not all they have to be.  These are items that will also appeal to fans of fairy tales, fantasy and magic in general.  And nowhere in those listings will you find any mention of that boy wizard, of course. ;)

If you were a fan of my former shop, you will love my new one too!  Here’s some of the magical items I have listed currently, starting with my favorite:

This necklace is completely customizable.  You get to choose the charms and color beads in the vial. The first picture is the one I made for myself, because I am proudly #slytherinforlife.  The second picture shows a few combos I put together.

{Click to pictures to visit the listing for each item.}







And these are a few old favorites that are finally back!







That’s just a taste of my jewelry collection.  Hope you love them!  And remember, many, many more will be added in the next few months!

Please hop over to Teresa Anne Designs to check out my entire collection. Or click the shop jewelry tab at the top.  And let me know what your favorite piece is.  Or what do you wish I had.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks!


Have a magical day,


© 2015, Terri. All rights reserved.

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