How I Made a Desk From a Bench

24. April 2015 DIY Projects 0



While on a recent visit to HomeGoods, I spotted this gorgeous bench.  Don’t you just love the distressed look and those beautiful pastel colors?  I just had to have it.  So I snatched it up and brought it home.





I had no plans to use it as a bench though, it was destined to be the desk I had been looking for for 2 years. A desk that would go in my kitchen, releasing me from my kitchen island work area.  Having my laptop in range of splattered food or spilled drinks on a daily basis was not an ideal situation.

I had long been in search of a desk, and it seemed that any time I found one that I even remotely liked, it was too big.  It’s nearly impossible to find a narrow desk.  And that’s where the bench comes in.  It would be perfect, it just needed a little work.

Now, my husband and I had never taken on a big furniture DIY project before, and he was quite unsure {mostly because we’d have to cut the whole thing}, but I knew we could do it.

The first step was deciding on what to do for the legs.  I knew I wanted an industrial look, I felt it jived well with the antiqued look of the wood on what would be the desktop. By industrial, I meant something with pipes. After searching Pinterest for inspiration I found what I wanted, so I printed the picture and we headed to Home Depot.

After wandering into the plumbing section and looking completely clueless, we encountered Jerry, an awesome and hilarious Home Depot employee who took my picture, and within 15 minutes, built me a set of desk legs.  They were absolutely perfect.

And so the work began.  We {and by we I mean I gave the orders and my husband did the work} started by removing the bench legs.  Aren’t those just so cool?  I am still trying to figure out the best place to use them.

The next step was trimming down the length of the wood top.  We took off about a foot.  This was tricky since the top is made of 4 pieces, but a slow pass over the table saw and we were golden.  We made a new end reusing a strip of wood from the underside of the trimmed piece.




Now it was time to add the legs.  This first required us to install 4 squares of wood to serve as the base to secure the legs.  After gluing and screwing in the base pieces, we simply screwed in the legs, and voila, we had a desk!




One final little step was to match the finish of the cut side to the rest of the desk perimiter.  I accomplished this by first rubbing on some dark stain, sanding off a bit of it and then did the same with some gray paint.  It is now indistinguishable from the rest of the desk.




I added a few decorative pieces and a fancy new chair, and just like that, I finally had a proper work space.  I love it.





What do you think?  What is the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever done?  What should I take on next? :)


Until the next project,


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